Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Things to Write About and a Picture

I weighed myself yesterday. After a two weeks of not working out and a week of being sick, I figured I would have gained some weight back. The opposite was actually true. I actually lost weight! 219lbs yesterday morning. I actually let the scale reset itself and I weighed myself again. I don't really know what happened besides that maybe my appetite wasn't quite what it usually is. I haven't worked out for two weeks. I don't work out when I'm sick.  I'm still sick.

So what am I writing about tonight? The fact that I don't know what to write about. I know I have people that read this often and encourage me to keep writing. I seem to come up with these great blog entries at the most random times of the day. I need to start carrying a notebook or something that I can write these ideas down keeping them for future brain farts.

How about this one? Did you know that Christmas is only 11 days from today? That's scary right when I think about that I haven't done much of any shopping. I have Pat's gift but that's all I have. I am unsure if my family is planning on coming down to Madison for Christmas. I'm not sue yet if I am going to have to buy food for a Christmas meal or not. I was thinking something simple like ham, and Acorn Squash.  I love Acorn Squash, even more than I love Butternut Squash.  I haven't been doing much baking yet because I've been sick. I don't want to share this wonderful cold with my friends and family, especially around the holidays.

Here's our Christmas card picture this year. I think I did a pretty good job setting the camera up on the tripod and using the timer. I also love what I can do with Lightroom.

The Biggest Loser season finale is on now. I suppose I should go watch that.

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  1. Your picture is absolutely darling!!
    What a great job you did. So cute!!