Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's a Small World

I just hate it when I meet someone and I think I've met them before but I just can't place them. Does that happen to anyone else? Since meeting a bunch of amazing people from the healthiness blogging world, I have had this happen a couple of times.

A few weeks ago, my closest and bestest friend Christina asked me how I knew Unstoppable Mariah. I knew where Mariah worked and I also knew that she works at the same place as my friend.  It turned out Mariah's husband and my friend worked on the same team at some point...I think. So small world there!

The latest happened last night when I saw that Meredith from Making Over Merbear had commented on a friend's Facebook page. *Congrats go out to Meredith for having a PR on her 5k yesterday, she is one of my motivations!* I knew I had to ask her how she knew our mutual friend. It turns out her boyfriend has been best friends with my friend since elementary school! I have met her man before and I KNEW I had known him from my past but I couldn't place him.

It's just so strange to me how little this planet is...or even how little the Twin Cities crowd is. This group of so-called strangers I met through a random blog have connections I didn't know about. I am so happy I went out on a limb that one night to ask if I could join the group. It has really changed my life..for the better of course!


  1. I'm happy that you are part of the group Amy! Its so awesome that we do have friends in common already. Small world is right, but I think that's kinda comforting in a way. Also, people's friends normally reflect on each other's best qualities and are drawn together because of that. So friends of friends are pretty common because we have similar "best qualities", too :) Hope to see you soon at another event!

  2. Best idea ever. I blame twitter too.

  3. Like times a million! Can't wait to see you for the Irongirl. I won't be competing, but I will be cheering you on!!!

  4. Hello (waving wildly)- I'm so dying to know who Christina is. I love the blogging community, it's huge and small at the same time. You have been doing great with the biking and running. Keep up the strong, amazing work!