Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Writing Again

I'm back. I think. Work has been overly stressful from some changes in our staffing.  I took it out on my refrigerator and my blog. I stopped paying attention to what I was eating. I also stopped writing it down. I stopped writing here completely! My mom even noticed that I haven't updated here recently. I haven't even been here to check on my stats or comments. Today was the first day I was here to check on the blog. Actually, I haven't even been keeping up with my blogging friends. I have no idea what they are doing these days.

So I'm back to updating. It is a new year coming up in just a few days right?  I'm going to keep writing about my struggles and successes. About different recipes and workouts. I just need to keep writing!

Today I'm going to write about the great cup my mom bought me for Christmas.
My mom bought me a Copco Stir and Sip cup from Joanne Fabrics.  They were on sale I guess. She's been walking around with one of these cups for the past couple of months and said they are popular among her coworkers.

Ive seen these sort of cups all over the place recently. My mom says it's because it is easier to drink out of a straw then tip the cup up to your mouth. I didnt really believe her.  But I heard it again from a friend who doesn't like the cold water up by her face.

So I filled the cup today with some water. And I drank two fillings of 24oz this morning alone. Wow that was easy! I almost think drinking out of a straw is just so absent minded that it's beyond easy.  Do you have a cup with a straw that you drink out of to get your daily water intake?


  1. I got the same cup! I upgraded from another one that I had gotten for free from a conference. The curly straw was too much work. I need to also get back to blogging - soon. And tracking and working out... yup. We're in the same boat :D

  2. That's awesome! May have to get one of those... Also, got a Fitbit for Christmas/Birthday this year...and it is totally awesome. I think it is definitely going to help me stay motivated for getting also has a free online place to keep track of your food and compare to your caloric burn for the day. I'm loving it so far! (No I don't sell them or have any benefit in saying this :) - just wanted to share the tip.) It is $99 though. If you want to try something that worked for me for free (as far as losing weight) - was awesome! Take care! Glad to see you're up and writing again!

  3. I have a cup with a straw like that, and I definitely did drink more water. Except, the water at my work is up a level and kinda far away. So.... I use a bigger water container so I don't have to get up every 20 minutes to refill. I also have put cut-up oranges in that water, and it makes it DELICIOUS! :) Glad you are drinking more water and getting back on track!!