Sunday, November 11, 2012

Stomach: What's Wrong?

I know I've been MIA for far too many weeks, over a month actually.  There have been some successes, some failures, some trying new things, and some not feeling so well.  I want to touch on some of the other things in another post but for tonight, I'm writing about the not feeling well.

I was doing so well, and feeling amazing, the first few weeks of October when I was doing the October Unprocessed challenge.  I was losing significant amounts of weight. I felt so energetic.  I even felt like my sense of smell was getting better!  I fell of the wagon half way through week three of the challenge.  I find myself not writing in my blog when I feel I've been unsuccessful.  So if there is any wonder why I am not writing, it's usually because I know I screwed up somewhere and am having issues getting back on track.

The last few weeks have been horrible as far as eating.  My working out hasn't been horrible as I have been getting to the gym a few times a week and even picked up spinning (for another post).  I've been pay attention to what's been going into my mouth to an extent. I've been trying to eat unprocessed as much as I can but my portions have gotten out of control.

Anyway, I haven't been feeling well since about two weeks ago.  I'm not eating anything differently before starting the challenge, except for some mostly unprocessed bread I found at the grocery store. It's not a run down sort of feeling. It's a physically ill sort of feeling; a constant bathroom need feeling.  There are good days, days where I don't even know why I was sick the day before.  But then there are days where I can only get off the couch for a quick walk to the bathroom.  There was a day where even walking hurt, but I had to go to work.  But the next day, I was fine.  This weekend, I was fine, until this afternoon, when I started feeling gross again.  I don't think this is a stomach bug.  I'm not sick every day.

My husband is encouraging me to go to the doctor but I know they are just going to tell me to eat some yogurt and drink more water (which I have been doing). I've always been sensitive to high fat foods but I haven't eaten any of those foods over the recent days.  Activia has been working, or so I thought.  A doctor is just going tell me to write down all the food I take in and how I feel throughout the day.  I can do that without going to their office. That is the plan for this week: Eat, write it down, and write about my reactions.

I worry about possibly a developing allergy to gluten or Celiac disease. I have noticed my worst days are where I've been eating a lot of bread products.  The only bread-like carbs I was eating when I was doing the unprocessed challenge was whole wheat pasta and I was not having any intestinal issues.  So it could have nothing to do with gluten issues.

A few years ago, I did get food poisoning, which damaged the villi in my small intestine and I was sick every morning for a couple of months after the initial problem.  This feels similar to that but I was sick everyday then.   That problem cleared its self with pro-biotic yogurt and time.  I really think this has something to do with something I've been eating.

I'll keep this updated with information about how I am feeling.  We had to cancel dinner plans with some friends tonight.  That is always a bummer. 


  1. Oh, honey! I have a friend that has issues like this, but hers is Ulceritive (sp?) Colitis.. I hope it's nothing that serious..

    It sounds like your gall bladder is going bad.. Especially if you've always had issues with high fat foods.. I'd have a doctor check out it's function..

    I don't know much about clean eating, but I do know going off anything cold turkey is a shock to your system.. :( I hope this helps, and I truly hope something changes bc noone wants to be sickly all the time..

  2. Hey hun, does it seem like a correlation to you eating so clean for so many weeks and then eating "bad foods"? I know when I've done diets where I eat really clean or eliminate a whole category, once I eat it again or in large ammounts my system doesn't like it at all. Also is your stress level higher than normal at all? I know when I get extra stressed my digestive system is the first to force me to slow down. I agree that a doctor visit to rule anything serious out is a must. If anything this is more motivation to eat better, just keep re-reading the paragraph about how great you felt, then the paragraph where you ate poorly, you feel poorly. *love you*-Amy DeMers

  3. Gluten is an easy blood test. Go to the dr, tell the what you told us and then ask for the test. It may be time is needed, but it is easy to see if gluten is the culprit.

  4. Hey Amy. This is your cousin, Brittany. I got food poisoning this summer and it upset my stomach for nearly a month. It's so discouraging but it will very likely pass. Yogurt isn't the most effective system of probiotic delivery - there aren't really enough cultures to survive beyond the acid in your stomach. I would go to Whole Foods or another legit. health food store and talk to them about probiotic supplements. I had to try several kinds as some of them were very bloating and caused me even more pain but I eventually settled on the Mega Food brand but each person is different. I have a lot of other stomach problems (gluten sensitivity, acid reflux, diagnosed with IBS with bloating) and it doesn't sound like that :) If you're normally pretty strong of stomach, you're probably just experiencing something temporary so don't worry yourself too much as stress inhibits the body from healing. I know that feeling though, just when you're doing well you get hit with something else. It is very frustrating and depressing but this, too, shall pass! X Britta