Thursday, July 14, 2011

Get Out, Get Out, Get Out!

A few weeks ago, our good friend Jay from the PriorFatPack, took a digger on his bike and his head hit the pavement pretty hard. His helmet saved him from a head injury and maybe something much worse!

I tell my husband "All the cool kids are doing it" when it comes to wearing a bike helmet and they are! If you look at all the professional racers, they all wear one. Sure, almost every bike race requires them but still everyone wears them when they train. It was not cool to wear a helmet when I was growing up. I would find every opportunity, which were few, to not wear my helmet. I would usually get caught and would be grounded by my dad, so I usually just kept it on. I laugh a little and shake my head now when I see families that are enjoying the weather on two wheels where all the kids have helmets on but not a single parent is protected! What is the child going to do when the parent has a brain injury?

Another thing that really bothers me is how people wear their helmets. If you really want to protect your brain, wear that helmet correctly.  See the following image if you need some help.

Kinda outdated but it works!
The title of this entry...I needed a ride after work.  It was really stressful today and I just need to get my legs pumping hard and get the blood flowing. The path by our house is lined with wild flowers so it's not uncommon to have various bugs hit my legs and arms as I ride. I had a few of those before a big bee decided it would like to fly into my helmet and insert itself in my hair. Well, it decided it didn't like it there very much and decided to stick it's stinger in my scalp. I had a great time trying to get my helmet off at 18mph and break at the same time! I was riding with the helmet strap in my teeth while my fingers were working their way through my hair, just trying to get the damn bee out of my hair and away from my scalp. I don't remember the last time I was stung by a bee and had no idea if I would have a severe allergy reaction to it. I also forgot how much it hurts! I relaxed for a bit after I realized the bug was gone and hopefully dead. No reaction happened so I popped my helmet back on and kept riding. The spot stung for most of my ride and is throbbing now. It is a painful reminder of an otherwise great ride.

So even though helmets can be great traps for bees, they will save your head from damage! They aren't badly priced at $35 for a good helmet!

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