Monday, July 4, 2011

Only 80 Days!

Happy July 4th!

Rhythm & Booms 2011 from Memorial Union
There are only 80 days left before my first duathon! It really hit me when my sister and mom came down to visit last weekend. My sister was down here to do a training run of the Iron Man route. She had made a comment about a few of the people doing the bike loops. Some of the people were only able to do the 40 mile loop. If they were unable to atleast do the 80 mile loop by now, they were going to be hurting by the time the race came around at the beginning of September. This got me thinking, am I really ready for my race? I hadn't gotten any road miles in that were more than 17. My ride in September is 22 miles! I know it's not terribly far but I should know that I can do that in under the time limit of 2.5 hours, right? Oh and I can't forget that I have to do that after running two miles, which I still can't do ( I am frustrated about that ). I did get in a 18 mile ride on Saturday, on mostly flat trail. I then did 20.75 miles today on roads. Boy, that was a hard one with some of the hills I came up to. I did walk my bike on one hill but stayed on for the rest of the hills.

I have to start working in some of those brick workouts. I know I can't run the required two miles but who really cares at this point? I know I can finish. I just have to get off the bike in 2.5 hours, which I'm pretty sure I can do.

I stopped by a sports store today to see if they had any tri-shorts. They did...they had one pair, size small...yea right! I will just have to start looking online to order them. I also need to buy another water bottle. I ran out of water about three miles from home today. I also need to start looking at some fuel for my rides. Any suggestions?

I've been so inspired this week by some of my friends that have completed some goals in the past few weeks. Trinona and a half marathon! You guys keep pushing me to train.

Oh and yay for long weekends followed  by a four day work week!

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