Sunday, April 1, 2012

March Recap

I haven't posted much this month. Work has just been crazy and I've been running quite a bit. Here's my March recap of workouts.

Total Workouts: 15 (all workouts were running/walking. I didnt do any biking this month)

Total Distance: 59.39 miles (almost to the milestone 60!)

Total Time: 13:14:22

Average Speed: 4.5 mph (I feel like this is super slow but I did have a couple of walking workouts)

Calories Burned: 9,272 cal

So I'm feeling pretty good about March. I was hopeful that I would have had more than 15 days of work out. 

The camera on my iPhone still amazes me.
I had a 5 mile step back day on the schedule for today. It was nice to have to run only 5 miles. I ran on a state trail right by my house and when I got to my turn around point, I really just wanted to keep going but I knew I could do that in two weeks when I have my 10 mile run planned.  This part of the trail was is in good shape. The part of the trail closer to my house was really torn up from bikers riding on it when the ground was still really wet. I ended up running parts of that off the side of the trail in the leaves. 

5 weeks until my half marathon (that I still haven't registered for). Next weekend I'll be running 9 miles with my sister through St. Paul. She's so patient.  

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  1. Hopefully I'll see you next weekend. Good job logging those workouts!