Monday, June 25, 2012

One Choice at a Time

Last week I registered for the Marathon Weight Loss Challenge  with Jess (and 1000 of her closes web friends) last week. There are goals of losing 26.2 lbs in 13 weeks or 13.1 lbs in the same amount of time. Do you get it? I was shooting for 26.2 lbs, and maybe I still am, but last week was a horrible week. It was a week of no planning and ALOT of eating out. It was a week full of excuses. It was a week of a one pound gain.

So what happened to that marathon challenge? Excuses and lack of control happened. I remember saying at the beginning of the week "Oh, I'll just stop at McDonalds for breakfast because we are out of milk and there's nothing to eat." There was oatmeal that I could have made for breakfast that day. *I did have oatmeal the rest of the week because I remembered it being there* There was atleast one meal every day last week that had some excuse attached to it. I let my excuses drive me and it drives me crazy.

I really need this weight loss to work out for me. I am taking control over it now.

While driving back home from a visit to my family in the Twin Cities this weekend, I was trying to come up with a plan to take control.  Sure, I have ultimate weight loss goals but I had to think about what happens each and every day.  It's all about the choices I make, down to the minute. I make the choice to get out of bed at a certain time so that I can make it to work, I decide whether or not to wear glasses that day, I decide if I want to dry my hair or just throw it into a pony tail.  I make the choices! I made a little choice today that had a big impact on the rest of my day. As my fingers were struggling to open the package of Nibs I had purchased, I got frustrated and put the candy down and went to the fridge where I pulled an out an apple and ripped off the little sticker.  It was easier to "open". The apple satisfied my sugar craving and the candy is still sitting on the counter at work. I openly hope that the cleaning crew decides to take it because I don't want to deal with it in the morning.

Almost two years ago, I wrote another blog entry about choices. You can check it out HERE. I would have thought I would have taken my own advice and I probably did for a little while. Jen, over at Priorfatgirl, uses a similar mantra of "One Bite, One Decision".  She actually wears a pink bracelet that reminds her each time she reaches for some food of the decision she is making.

Just like I give my staff at work a bank product or service to focus on that week, I am giving myself a focus this week. I'm focusing on my choices. Not the big choices. Just the little teeny ones. I'm hopeful those teeny choices will reap HUGE rewards!

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  1. Good reminder, especially for me and especially today. I REALLY have to get back to one choice at a time.