Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hidden Binges

I have a little confession.  I hide my eating.  Can't believe it?  Why would anyone want to hide the food they eat from the world, especially their binges?  Because if other people didn't see it, it didn't happen.  That's how it works....really. 

I don't really know why I find this so humiliating but it is incredibly embarrassing to admit that I hide my binges. I know it's really a common occurrence among people who binge.  They usually binge in private.  I've even had moments at work where someone is in there with me and I will be more careful about what I am eating but once they leave, out comes the food hardcore.  The other thing is that I am doing it completely consciously.  I think "Please get out of here so I can eat all the food."  I sound like an animal.  It's bad. 

I've been tracking my food again using I recently figured out that I could leave my diary so that my friends could see it.  I have found that it really makes me think more about what I am putting into my mouth if I know someone is going to be looking at it.  Sure, I can chose not to log what I ate that day but then how am I helping myself with this problem. I'm not. 

I know I will have great days and I know I will have not so great days.  

So if you want to see what I am eating throughout my days, join myfitnesspal, start logging your food and workouts, and start following me. 

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