Monday, September 27, 2010

Church and Music

Pat and I drove back to Madison this morning from a weekend in the Twin Cities to celebrate our two year wedding anniversary. During the drive I told him about this blog and what it means to me. I talked to him about the things I want to change and the things I want to try. I discovered a couple of things.

There are many things I want to change. Among others, there are two things I want to incorporate back into my life over the next few months, church and music.

I'm Catholic. I was raised this way. Although I don't agree with everything the Catholic church says and does, I don't think I would ever actually leave the Church. Growing up, I went to mass every weekend with my mom and my sister. Sometimes, I would even go to mass twice in one weekend. In elementary school, my mom was a CCD teacher and even my own teacher a couple of times. In Junior High, I taught Sunday school classes with a friend of mine and I was very involved in my own religious education. High school I was even more involved in teaching and catechism. Once I went to college though, the attendance at church dropped. I pretty much stopped going all together. I still went on weekends when I was home visiting my parents and ofcourse during the holidays. After college, more of the same. Pat and I joined a great church in Madison a couple of years ago and we give them money through automatic withdrawal each month but we don't go, and now it's even worse since we live further away. This is something I want us both to be able to change.

Tomorrow I will talk about my music and how I'm going to start bringing it more into my life.

Today was a good day overall. Culver's for lunch, which wasn't so great but Pat and I did get out in the yard to do a bunch of weed pulling and planting of real plants. It is surprising how much of a work out that actually is. Back to work tomorrow. It will be interesting to see if I am able to avoid Subway for lunch and the snack box in the break room.

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