Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Good Choices

First off, I know you all are going to laugh at me but I have a record 10 followers! LOL. Thanks Sarah for following my blog!

Anyway, I am really proud of myself for what decisions I made today. I stayed out of the snack box at work! I was given the opportunity to make a healthier choice for lunch.

I didn't get the opportunity to work out yesterday because I was just too busy with other things. (I went to see Legally Blonde on stage with a friend). Then I didnt sleep too well lastnight so the only thing I wanted to do after work was sit on my bum and watch tv. Maybe I thought about going outside and work on the yard a bit. I then realized that I am getting together with some girlfriends this weekend and there will probably be no plans for working out on Friday or Saturday. So I pulled on my work out pants and strapped on the iPod and headed out the door. I thought today would be the day would be the day that I would be able to run a quarter mile without stopping. But no, I only got .18 miles without stopping and it was downhill. Ah well!

When I got back home, I made sure I did some really extensive stretching with the hope that I wouldn't have painful legs tomorrow. I have yet to see if that pays off.  Tomorrow night will probably be a bike night. I need to get my bike butt back. I had 5 mini marshmallows to satisfy a sweet tooth after dinner and then a small apple. Yumm.

Now I know this post isn't too exciting but I should be off to bed. Maybe I will come up with something better to write tomorrow night.

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  1. Not exciting?! You got 10 followers! Trust me, I was the same way.. am still amazed when I see another follower..

    That .18 mile will get longer.. baby steps.. :)