Sunday, August 28, 2011

It Started Out So Good!...But then...

I know that a major part of this journey has been a success for me. My working out has been good, for the most part. As I look over the last year on DailyMile, I have had exercise every month, whether it is 3 miles or 111.

The other part has been harder for me, the eating part. There was a time when I lost 10 lbs nearly from just eating and not changing my working out at all. So I know I can do it. I've determined it is all mental; the running is mental, the riding is mental and the food is mental. The problem is the mental part of working out has become so easy for me because I just need to get through that 5 minute thought of staying in bed and the few second block of wanting to walk when I should keep running. The food block is so much harder and hits multiple times through out the day. It's not as easy to get by.

I made the decision last Sunday night to be stringent about my eating. I did so well on Monday, eating mini wheats when I wanted something sweet that would fill me up. After Monday it all went down hill ending with me buying a box of Glazers doughnuts from Kwik Trip. I never eat doughnuts! Never!

I made some good decisions at some meals. Friday night, my coworker had a bunch of us over to eat some Salmon he caught while on vacation in Alaska. The salmon was served with some rice and corn on the cob. It was delicious and I kept desert down to one small piece of carrot cake. I was pretty proud of myself that night.

I guess I just have to start with dinner tonight and see what happens every time my tummy is looking for food. One decision at a time right?


  1. It really is mental. And it is about making that right choice, and then not throwing in the towel on the whole day when you slip up. So you made a less than awesome choice and had doughnuts, so your next choice resets that. Then try to go for two better choices, and three.
    Don't beat yourself up over them, just keep trying. Try laying out your food plan for the day ahead of time, that usually helps too. :)

    You can do it, I still struggle. Today I had unplanned popcorn and 2 mini raw revolution bars it was impulsive and I was WAY over my budget for the day but my next choice was a big huge bottle of water, and knowing that it is not the end of the world. One decision will not undo all the work we have done!
    You can do this Amy! You have my phone number an email address if you need to or want to chat! (hugs)

  2. I struggle with eating, too. If you come across any great tips or ideas, please help me out! :) Good luck, lady! We are all in this together.

  3. Hi there - I found you via PFG. I agree, most of this is mental. I was really struggling with keeping my food in check (I am down 88.8 pounds since March 2010). I realized that I went off track when the timeline for my goals ran out. I had planned out the first year of my journey and funny... right around when that goal ended, I stopped trying so hard. I did two things to turn it around, maybe three. One, reminded myself that being kind to myself is better than punishing myself (I already punished myself with poor food choices). Two, wrote down more goals and shared them with others. Three, made slow changes I could maintain. I didn't ditch all treats. I slowly replaced the daily treats and allow a weekend splurge. I replaced mini pb cups with a graham cracker. still a treat, healthier, rids my body of the intense fat cravings that I develop when eating pb cups regularly. Our minds are magical lil machines, if you can find what works for you, and DO IT, you will be amazed. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  4. Meg thanks for the comment! I never thought of using a graham cracker for a treat replacement. Its such a good idea because they are still sweet and yummy. I appreciate the encouragement. I'm starting out this week changing how I eat and keeping up with the exercise. We will see what happens.