Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Brick Workout

I had a pretty good day as far as food. I did slip up with a bag of M&Ms but I am not going to punish myself that hard. I also made sure I added in more fruit and veggies.

Let's see:
Breakfast: Multigrain Cheerios and skim milk
Snack: Small Apple
Lunch: Lean Cuisine, apple juice, two large carrots, grape fruit leather, gardettos...
Snack: Handful of M&Ms
Dinner: Chicken sandwich on sandwich thin w/lettuce, light swiss cheese, light mayo and mustard, Gatorade (to help me get rid of some leg cramping ive had all day), handful of Sunchips, and a piece of the somewhat light carrot cake I made for a party last weekend.

I didnt want to talk about the carrot cake, or the M&M's or the Gardettos. But I ate them and I have to own up to them.

I wanted to tell you all about my first brick workout on Sunday. It was short but it was hell! A brick workout is a workout where you do two different exercises in a short period of time. Since I will be doing a duathalon (run/bike/run) I decided to try the bike to run transition. So I went for a short, but hilly, 5 mile ride near my house. (I need to get my bike in to be fitted again because my knee was not feeling good on these hills). Once I got back to my house, I got off my bike and changed into my tennis shoes. Now I understand the jelly leg feeling once I got off the bike. It is the strangest feeling but I just kept going with it. The goal was to run just one mile. I could barely get 1/2 mile before my legs started to cramp in my shins. It felt like the muscles were going to pull off my bones, they hurt so bad. I ended up walking the last 1/2 mile home. I assume there will be more brick workouts, with hopefully less pain.

I also got a chance to try out my new tri shorts. I was apprehensive of them at first because they seemed to run a bit small but they were perfect when I was running. I just couldn't think about how they were plastered on my thighs and tried not to worry about what I looked like in them. I hope to run tomorrow morning in them. The other goal is to run 2 miles tomorrow.


  1. I'm so proud of you for your first brick work out, I promise it does get better. I'm told it's because of muscle memory, the more you do it, the more they will remember. That jelly feeling is so strange. My legs still sometimes feel like jelly, but it's far less un-nerving and I know what to expect. You got this, keep up the great work!!!


  2. Add a big piece of watermelon to that list of food.

  3. Great job with the workout!! :) I was planning on doing the Irongirl but I don't think I can afford it. Excited to read about your brick training more and more!!

  4. Oh Boo. Thats ok though. I'll watch my sister lap me a few times.