Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I Hope to be Back

I'm plunking out a really quick post this morning so I dont cause myself to be late for work. 

I don't feel good. I've let myself go.  I've lost focus.  My jeans are getting tighter again....I've gained five pounds in a month and I sure can feel it! I'm not stupid.  I know I've been eating more than I've been working out. 

As I find that the hot summer months are coming to an end (not that this is really true as I look at the weather forecast for the next couple of days including a heat advisory for our area), I look forward to the cool crisp days of autumn that feel good on my skin and start out a little bit chilly.  I look forward to the leaves changing and beautifying my yard.  I look forward to freshness that spring often brings for most people.  But really, the weather is not an excuse. 

My real excuse, which isnt really an excuse but more just a reason, is that I've become lazy!  Lazy in everything.  Lazy in grocery shopping, lazy in preparing food for lunches and opting for going out for lunch instead, lazy in preparing for my upcoming IronGirl Du in less than four weeks, lazy in getting yard work done, lazy in keeping my house clean.  Lazy, lazy, lazy and some more lazy. 

As others in my blogging community are renewing their commitments to a healthy lifestyle, I've decided to do the same.  I will be laying out a plan over the next day or so and be setting some goals and what steps i need to do to get to those goals. 


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