Monday, February 7, 2011

There's something about low fat cheese...

that I hate!

I am not a huge cheese eater. It's not one of my favorite things but I do enjoy it for a snack every so often. I can not stand low fat or fat free cheese. I lied, I do like low fat cream cheese and by "like it" I mean that I don't mind how it tastes although there are times that full fat cream cheese is needed (rare in my life). I also enjoy the low fat Laughing Cow cheese wedges. They are perfect on some celery or a couple of crackers.

I grew up with cheese-less pizza. I always wanted to eat pizza with cheese because that's what all my friends were eating. The idea of cheese-less pizza sounds enticing now.

I tried eating low fat string cheese.  It's not horrible...I have had worse things. Looking at the two packages, the low fat string cheese is actually smaller than the full fat cheese. Maybe that's why it's lower fat? Regular Sargento string cheese has 80 calories per stick. Light string cheese is 50 calories per stick.

What I am really enjoying right now is the Mini Babybel cheese, also by Laughing Cow. Each piece of cheese is 70 calories and a great snack for me. Mini babybel light cheese is 50 calories...I haven't tried these yet. I eat these for a snack in the middle of the day or if I need something on the run after work but before I work out, something to hold me over until dinner.

Just an idea!

I completed Day 2 of my goal to work out 5 days this week. Pat has been complaining about his legs hurting. Do I dare say that I might be in better shape than he is?

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