Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Garmin Cycling & Running

I got a Garmin for Christmas from my Hubby. I'm sorry if I've already written about this but I don't believe I have. It was something I had wanted for a long time. It is a great tool to use for training. Of course, it's not necessary but it does make things easier.

When I was running this last Spring and Summer, I was using a combination of a watch with a timer and mapping out my distances when I got home from my run. The numbers weren't exact but I am hopeful they were pretty close. It took some extra work but it was the only way I had available to me for tracking my progress.

Well so Hubby bought me this Garmin watch for Christmas along with all the accessories. He got me the foot pod, the heart rate monitor and the set up for my bike.
The first time I put this one on, I thought it was really bulky. I've gotten used to it the more I wear it.  I like how it is able to keep track of my running while I'm inside with the foot pod. During the Summer, when I'll be running outside, it has a GPS feature that I am sure I will be using more often.

The accessory that I am really just starting to use is on my bike. My wonderful Hubby, that keeps buying me healthy Christmas gifts, got me a Cyclops trainer for indoor training for my bike last year. The problem i was running into was tracking my speed and distance. When I ride my bike outside, the computer that is attached tracks from the front tire. On the trainer, its the back tire and not the front tire that rotates. Since the front tire isn't moving, I'm not getting any numbers on my computer. I really didn't want to buy another wired computer for my back tire since it would only be for the Winter months. So Hubby thought this would be a great compromise because the Garmin has a bike kit that will allow me to use the watch to wirelessly receive information about my cadence, distance, and speed while I work out.

Numbers are always a good thing for me. Having numbers pushes me to push myself a little further. This is what Garmin gives me to track my numbers.

Check out this link for my readings.

What do you use to track your workouts?

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  1. I use mfp and just time what I do mostly but if I'm outside I use a runkeeper app on my phone ...I pine for a hrm