Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Numbers

I'm completely stealing this idea from my friend Aaron over at Gregerson Tri. I went to college with Aaron at Winona State and actually we were two different years at the same high school. He started doing triathlons a couple of years ago. He also posts his month end numbers. I thought that was the best idea. So I'm copying him. Sorry Aaron.

Total Miles Ran: 31.77

Average Pace: 13:00 mph

Total Miles Biked: 15

Calories Burned: 5430

Total Workout Time: 7 hrs 49 mins

February will be the start of marathon training. Oh! I didnt write anything about the fact that I gave in to a marathon. I will post that tomorrow.



  1. Great January Numbers and I see you did a 10K run recently on your own! GO YOU!!!

    Speaking of you...I linked you as a blogger and friend that inspires me...check it out!