Monday, January 9, 2012

Women Food and God (and Friends)

I received this wonderful little book in the mail on Saturday afternoon. I am borrowing it from Becky over at The Fab Miss B. She recently re-read the book before sending it to me all the way from Hawaii. Please go to her blog to read about her experience with the book. I will be reading this book in the coming weeks. I am looking forward to what it has to tell me. I'll write a review and my thoughts on the book when I complete it.

A little bit about Becky. We went to high school together. I knew who she was but in a graduating class of over 600, we did not have the same group of friends and it was easy not to have a single similar class.  My first memory of her is in 8th grade when we were put in the library for some standardized testing. I remember thinking she was super nice, in 8th grader talk. She is definitely one of those people that I wish I would have been friends with when we lived in the same state. Maybe I will just have to make an excuse to go visit Hawaii.

Becky is genuine, caring, supportive, and extremely down to earth. I can relate to so many of her blog entries. Her entries often make me feel like I'm wrapped in a warm fuzzy blanket on a cold day. They are comforting. Please read her blog and check out her Etsy shop. I wish I was nearly as creative as she is.

Do you have friends you've made recently that you wished you'd been close to your whole life? 

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  1. This just made my whole day! The book is a gift for you to keep, enjoy and/or pass on to whomever you think might enjoy it. I too am glad that we have reconnected through blogging- if only we weren't so far apart. You and Pat are ALWAYS welcome at Casa Kazana. :)