Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2 Gomers

Have you heard of the 2 Gomers? Last weekend when I was mentally trying to overcome the nervousness of running 7 miles, I was looking for something motivational to get me through. I've heard about people watching movies. Other people read books (I have no idea how they do this). So I was thinking about buying an audio book to listen to on my run...but I couldn't find anything I was really wanting to read. Most of the books I want to read are already sitting on my book shelf waiting to be cracked open.

While I was roaming around iTunes, I stumbled over some Podcasts. I looked for some running pod casts and looked at a few before I found 2Gomers. I was really intrigued and looked more into it. These two guys are great! They started out their journey a few years ago by making a goal to run a half marathon. Their first season of podcasts covers their struggles with training. Then they trained for a full marathon.  Now they are training to run faster.

I really enjoy listening to their episodes (I'm only on episode 5 of season 1). It was great listening to their weekly recaps of how good they did that week and how crappy some weeks were. These guys don't know much about running but they are working through it week by week.

When I started listening to these on Sunday, I had no back ground on the guys. Through the first few episodes, I figured out they were actually raised in southern Wisconsin and I later found out they are from Madison area. Being a transplant here myself, it was amazing to know they were from this area. They both now live outside of the state of Wisconsin but get back here every so often to visit friends and family. Last summer, I even heard that they did a group run while they were here. I'm hoping they are planning on doing it again this summer. Maybe?

So yea, I like the 2 Gomers. I think it is great to listen to two ordinary guys go through the same thing I am.

Who do you follow regularly?

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  1. I have never heard of them!! But I'll look them up.

    The running blog I follow most regularly is The Hungry Runner Girl, so I would have to ask the same thing about who people follow.