Monday, February 13, 2012

9.75 Inches Less

Even though the scale has only moved seven pounds in the last year or so, the inches have moved more. About a year ago I took measurements of my body so I had another way to measure my success. I took my measurements again this week and was somewhat shocked by the numbers. I've lost 9.75 inches over various areas of my body. The biggest loss was in my waist where I've lost 3.5 inches!

I mostly feel these changes in my pants. Last May I bought a couple of pairs of jeans that were a smaller size than what I had been wearing. Those jeans are on the edge of being too big now. I've been thinking about looking at a smaller size but I guess I'm still a little scared. Maybe I need to wait another bit of time so that I wont be disappointed if the next size down doesn't fit.

Overall, I'm happy about the changes. I also like that I HAVE to wear a belt to keep my pants up. :) 

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