Monday, November 7, 2011

Goal Week 7 - A Little Faith

I can't believe I am already working on goal 7. That would mean I'm seven weeks into this project. That also means I havent had McDonalds breakfast for 7 full weeks! Wow. Lets see how things are going.

I have continued to eat breakfast at home every day.

For the most part, I still don't drink soda. I do have to admit though that it has snuck back into my life a little bit. I had a coke yesterday on the drive home. I'm starting to fall in love with tea.

Lunch from home still continues for the most part. I have let myself eat out once a week. Usually I end up regretting it.

I'm still counting my calories, mostly every day. I did fall off the wagon over the weekend during a friend's wedding. I was just too busy to count.

Last week was no nail biting. I caught myself doing it on Tuesday morning but I have been good since then. It is really hard during some moments when I just want to chew. I make sure I put on some scented lotion. The lotion does not taste good.

So now it's goal week 7. I have seven more weeks until the New Year 2012. Eeek! Where has this year gone!? I'm still compiling a list of ideas for the next seven weeks of goals. This week's goal is a little different I guess.

The goal making was initially to improve my health. Last week's goal could have been pointed towards that general idea of not eating germs. This week's goal is one of faith. I need to go back to church. I was such a strong Catholic when I was younger, going to to church every weekend, going to youth retreats and volunteering my extra time to the congregation. I haven't been to church in, months!

I really want to go back because I feel like I'm missing that part of my life. It's only one hour out of my week. My goal is to go to church every weekend. I really really am in love with Christmas so this should be pretty easy for me.

Btw, I lost a pound last week.

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