Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Good Food Choice Wednesday

So I wrote this morning on my Twitter account that this was going to be a Good Food Choice Wednesday. (Yes I made that title up on my own and people actually picked up on it, including Merbear). I said I was going to eat well today, work out, and blog about it. Well, I was going to end the day with only the good eating. There were things at work that came up that kept me from working out. I know it's an excuse but they were things that caused me to get home after 7. I typically won't work out after 7 on a week night because I won't be able to sleep after and I still need to eat dinner. So dinner was eaten separately from my husband, who didn't get home for at least another half hour.

Overall I'm pretty happy about the food choices I made today. I did slip up twice but hey, no body is perfect, including me. I don't regret those two slipups

Breakfast was a serving of low sugar oatmeal made with milk. For a morning snack, I had a Yoplait Greek Yogurt.  They are pretty good although I do like Chobani better. We had a coupon for these last time we went grocery shopping.

For lunch I had a slice of turkey on a wheat sandwich thin with lettuce and honey mustard. A carrot with Laughing Cow cheese was my side along with some dried apricots. I slipped up with a snack sized bag of lays, not baked, from the snack box at work. I need to remember to take something salty with me for lunch to satisfy all those different flavors. Afternoon snack, well I forgot to bring an afternoon snack with me. So I grabbed some peanuts from the snack box because they were high in protein and would keep me from being hungry the rest of the afternoon. I only ate half of a serving. I just needed something to keep me going for 3 more hours.

Dinner consisted of a salmon burger from the freezer on another wheat sandwich thin and lettuce. I'm so exciting. I finished it off with a couple spoonfuls of my husband's macaroni and cheese. Oh, I almost forgot about the couple spoonfuls of pumpkin frozen custard from Thanksgiving. By the way, there are a ton of calories in frozen custard. I might just allow myself only one spoonful when I want some. Jeez! Otherwise, I was under my calorie goal for the day.

I tweeted earlier about having some craving issues with the candy box at work. So I popped some sugar free gum into my mouth and ignored the craving. It helped tremendously!

I didn't get a work out done today like I had originally planned but that is on the plan for tomorrow now. I will have to work out extra hard!

Thanks to everyone for their support today. It was greatly appreciated.


  1. Good job with healthy, CONSISTENT food choices. :)

  2. Awesome! Thanks for letting me challenge myself and blog with you on Good Food Choice Wednesday! Now we gotta make it everyday! We'll get used to the good food choices and start craving them as our "normal". Good observation about needing/craving something crunchy and salty with lunch! Baked chips, homemade chips, or even salty celery might help!