Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Have a Problem!

I have a problem with tea! Specifically unsweetened hot green tea, any flavor! This is an addiction I should probably welcome, especially for a healthy replacement to coffee filled with cream and sugar. I would even go as far as admitting to wanting tea at Caribou instead of a turtle mocha. Uh oh!

I used to choke down unsweetened tea because I couldn't stand the idea of flavored water with out sugar. But that is when I was addicted to soda. Not any more.

Unsweetened tea typically doesn't have any calories so it fits into my diet so well. It also is a must have on these dark and colder mornings when all I need to do is warm my hands.

A couple of weeks ago I was talking to my friend Christina about tea because she drinks it all the time. We agreed that we absolutely hated how some teas just dry your mouth out. I really have no idea what causes this but it does not make me want to drink more of it.

So I have quite a mix of teas that I have been drinking over the past couple of weeks. I have plain old green tea, orange passion fruit green tea, citrus green tea, some black tea. I had some excellent green tea at a restaurant a few weeks ago and I want to find that kind because it was just so yummy.

Do you have any favorite tea that you could recommend?


  1. I heart the blueberry hibiscus that some starbucks carry yumm!!!

    My good ol standby is Earl Grey though

  2. I drink mostly the Tazo teas from Starbucks. With one packet of Stevia.