Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Goal Week 8 - More Fruit and Veggies

I was bad again and didn't make my goal for this week public on Sunday night. I wanted to do just a little recap of the goal I set two weeks ago about having a little more faith. I did make it to church that week. I found out how much I had miss from not attending mass since Easter. I learned that the Catholic Church is actually changing some of the wording of mass and the change starts the first Sunday of Advent which is this coming weekend. It will be strange. If you want to learn more about it, you can click here. I did not make it to mass this last weekend because we got so busy preparing for our family Thanksgiving on Sunday.  I will make it this weekend though and it will then be the start of preparing for the Christmas season. I LOVE singing Christmas music in church. Yes, I will admit to being a dork.

So what is my goal for this 8th week of goal setting? Essentially I wanted to make a goal of getting five servings of fruits and veggies daily. The hope of this is that if I fill up on the healthy things, I'm not going to want the other not-so-healthy things that are keeping me from losing weight. After looking at my foods that I have been logging for the past few weeks, I'm realizing that I am eating way too many of my daily calories from carbohydrates that come from breads and high sugar unnatural foods (like candy).

So since I've discovered that servings tend to be smaller than what I would expect, I dont think I will have a problem meeting this. Although yesterday I dont think I made it. I had one medium carrot and celery for lunch. I also had home made applesauce. But I don't know if that is a fruit serving? Then some more celery and carrots after work for a snack. So I definitely did not make the goal yesterday but I wasnt really thinking about it too much.

So here is to picking up the healthy fruits and veggies and losing weight.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Ps: I still havent bitten my nails.
Ps: I went to McDonalds for breakfast over the weekend. That was a disaster and I felt gross afterward. The feelings lingered through Saturday into Sunday morning. So not worth it!!!!


  1. So, I haven't been to mass since Easter weekend either and I had no clue about those changes. My mom works for the catholic school so I would have thought she would tell me.

    I am also working on more fruits and veggies for this week. I figure if I focus on that, then the holiday won't be so hard.

  2. Have an awesome Thanksgiving, Amy!