Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Me, A Vegetarian?

I'm Catholic and Lent starts tomorrow with Ash Wednesday. Fasting is a tradition of Lent but now days, people typically just give up something over the period of Lent. I always gave up something like pop or candy. Last year I gave up caffeine. This year is going to be a little different.

A week ago I was ready to give up pop and make it to church every weekend. A couple of days ago, my husband told me he was going to give up meat for Lent. Now, I don't think it makes much sense to make two different meals for dinner, one with meat and one without. So since he was going to go meatless, I suppose I am going to go meatless as well.

I've never tried to be a vegetarian. I've looked at what I eat in the period of a week and there isn't much, if any red meat. When there is meat in the meal, it is usually chicken breasts or ground turkey. Most dinners out include chicken. Looking at the meals I make at home, most of them can be converted so they don't include meat and would still taste good.  I've heard good things about being a vegetarian, mostly from people who are vegetarians themselves. I've been told that I'll feel better if I don't eat meat. I'm not really sure why this is. I might lose weight, which is always a good thing. I worry though that I will replace the protein with carbohydrates, causing me to gain weight instead of lose it. I have a feeling that I will be trying to incorporate beans into a lot of recipes. The other good thing I have heard about being a vegetarian is that the taste of vegetables and fruit becomes more whole and that I will learn to really like those "healthy" foods. I think this is one thing I am looking forward to. I really want to taste the foods I am eating.

So, over the next few weeks, as the weather gets warmer and I get out running more, I will update you with the adventures of going meatless. I am still giving up the soda. I will blog about my triumphs and food failures. I will also write about what changes my body and my mind goes through. There will be hurdles, especially as we travel to the cities this weekend to visit family. I will also write about how my doctor wanted me to do this years ago. This will be an adventure.

If you have any great recipes, bring them on. I wanted to thank Christina for introducing me to Sweet Potato Fries. At 140 calories a serving, the are such a yummy snack.

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  1. Good luck! Just make sure you get lots of protein in there - so that you don't get tired and hungry (eating more). And make sure you get enough iron, or you could get anemic. I know you'll feel better without pop (I cut it almost 15 years ago), but I still eat meat (mostly because my husband can't live without it - I actually function just fine without it). Anyway...one of my new favorite could-be-vegetarian meals can be found here: http://thepioneerwoman.com/tasty-kitchen/recipes/soups/copycat-e2809cnoodles-coe2809d-thai-curry-soup/?print=1 - just leave the shrimp out. It's amazing! Also, I double the mushrooms and noodles to give it more substance. Enjoy! I have plenty of other recipes, so just let me know if you're running short on ideas.