Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Caught Myself...

....dancing around the kitchen to some of my favorite songs!
 Calvin and Hobbes

You thought I was going to say something along the lines of "I caught myself binge eating today". I can't say that today was the best food day for me but I am passed that already and onto better feelings.

I've heard of friends that talk about the post-running good feelings. Sheesh, while I was "running" today, I just wanted to rip my legs off and stop! My legs hurt so much, and I'm going to have to figure out why my left foot goes numb about 35 minutes into my workout. That's for another day I suppose so I will add it to my list of blog ideas! I think I must be having one of those post-run euphorias.  Usually when I come home from work, I sit myself down on the couch, right infront of the tv and only get up to make dinner. The moment I got home after doing  3.22 miles (a little more than a 5k) in 49 minutes, I made some mini meatless pizzas out of English Muffins and some traditional toppings. While those were heating in the toaster oven, I cut up two acorn squash that have been sitting on my counter for too long. Those are now cooling on the counter and the pizzas have been eaten. They were quite yummy.

Suddenly as I was cleaning the dishes for the night, I caught myself grooving around the kitchen sink to the music coming from my computer! I don't do things like that! Especially in a well lit kitchen where all the curtains were open where my neighbors might see me! My friends know I am a horrible dancer and can't seem to get my body to move to the correct beat. That's why while I was in college, the dance club wasn't visited until the end of a night at the bars. I'm even bobbing my head here as I type this! Ahhh!

I think I am enjoying this post-run good feeling even if it sucks major while I am doing it. I guess those are the endorphins that are making me feel better. And as I type this I'm slowly getting tired. I guess maybe I am coming off that euphoria? Or not. I plan to keep the tv off this night. It's very rare the tv doesn't get turned on in my house; it's usually turned on by me. Not tonight. I have other things I can do tonight, like read blogs and books. I'm making a choice.

Days 'till race: 172 Eeek!


  1. My toes go numb when I run sometimes. A girl at the gym said that my shoes may be tied too tight or the arch support is too high.