Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My 10 Things

I spent some of my time this afternoon coming up with my 10 Things. These 10 things are supposed to be used when I am feeling weak and all I want is the ice cream in the freezer (the ice cream is gone now) or when I just cant get my ass off the couch to work out. I came up with my 10 things and then promptly left them at work. So this list is a work in progress and will probably change as my motivations change.

1.  Be able to run a 5k without stopping
2.  Be able to stop shopping for clothing at the big girl stores
3.  Be able to decrease the amount of cholesterol medication I am taking
4.  Decrease my cholesterol numbers
5.  When we are ready, to be able to have a healthy pregnancy and not be chronically obese when said pregnancy is done.
6.  Get rid of the fold line across my belly that seems to be there permanently. (I apologize if that is too much information but it's true)
7.  Buy some new bras that actually fit me correctly.
8.  Buy a really cute/sexy red dress (I've always secretly wanted one of these)
9.  Be stylish at upcoming weddings.
10. Be able to run with my sister.

This really helped me get through my cravings on Tuesday but it didn't work too well today because I forgot about them. Silly me.  They are keeping my fingers out of the jelly beans I bought during a weak moment at Walgreen's today.

Do you have 10 Things or something that keeps you from giving in to your cravings?

1 comment:

  1. I love your 10 things! I am still thinking about mine, and it's a bit harder than i thought.

    two thumbs up from me!