Sunday, May 15, 2011

ABTA Path to Progress Results

Well, I despite all the wind and cloudy day in Chicago yesterday morning, Christina and I finished the American Brain Tumor Association  Path to Progress 5k. In the sixth year of this 5k, I am excited to report that the organization reached its goal to raise at least $900,000. We also received our race times.  Ours are right down at the bottom of that list.
Race Results
 There were at least 150 people that finished after us. Christina has not trained as much as I have but I was determined to cross the finish line with her next to me.The day was very windy along the lake, sometimes to the point of pushing us to run.

Finishing the Race
Race Start
 I wanted to thank again everyone that donated to this race. I didn't reach my goal of $500 but I was able to raise $320. I made it a goal to run it, and even though I didn't get to run the whole thing, I had a great friend by my side. Thank you to everyone that helped Christina raise more than double her goal. It was amazing to see over 4000 people registered for the run and the walk. We both hope to do this event again next year, hopefully with more people.

We spent the rest of the day walking around Chicago, hitting up Millennium Park and some shopping on Michigan Ave.We did some typical tourist stuff and ate some great Chicago Pizza.

It was so dreary and cloudy. We splurged and got some food at a fancy restaurant in Millennium Park for lunch. We spent some time at the Cultural Center while it poured outside. Around 3, we gathered out things and headed out of Chicago towards home. We decided next time we come to Chicago, it will be by bus or train. There is just too much traffic for us in this city.

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