Monday, October 10, 2011

First Day of Week 3

Ugh!  I felt the anxiety creeping up on me about 20 minutes before noon. I need to figure out where this is coming from. But I did make it through my lunch only eating what I brought.

Lunch Today
My lunch box consisted of left over lasagna, a cheese stick, carrot sticks, and a small salad with lettuce, bell peppers and dried cranberries. I didn't end up eating the cheese stick and ended up eating an apple for an afternoon snack instead. I accompanied my lunch with a bottle of water. Oh and I had a Dum Dum for dessert.

I'm pretty proud of myself for food today. I did sneak two apple muffins, which were overly delicious, thanks to a coworker that made them yesterday. For breakfast I had some low sugar Quaker oatmeal made with skim milk. Dinner was a left over hamburger patty from last night (w/o bun), and then I made a small chicken sandwich and I had a handful of pretzels. 

It was getting really hard towards the end of the day when I really wanted one of the Peanut Butter Snickers that have been sitting in my candy dish at work. Has everybody had those? They are yummy. I managed to get through that time without touching one. I even made it past a trip to the gas station with only buying the much needed milk and gas.

The strangest feeling came over me during some idle time during my last hour of work. I felt...empty. I was hungry but I felt emotionally empty too. I wished I didn't need to keep sitting there waiting for the clock to turn 6. I think this is just the beginning of figuring out the true emotional reason why I eat. Here is to discovery!

I still need to pack my lunch for tomorrow. Probably left over lasagna again.


  1. Looks healthy!
    No, I haven't tried the peanut butter snickers.......but I am a snickers lover and those sound delicious.
    I think some people eat because their bored, which makes them feel unsatisfied in general. I have found having a child helps with this issue--you are so busy trying to get everything done that before you know it you haven't eaten for 4 hours and you grab a quick bite in between the craziness! tee hee. Not saying you should have a kid yet, just saying that I have found that when I'm too busy to think about food, it's much harder to overeat!
    Has it been super slow at the Verona branch? Been slow at HIlldale too...

    When's your next race?

  2. Might I suggest you put that hunk of lasagna in the smaller compartment and fill the larger one with the salad, it might make you feel fuller from the veggies :)

    I have never had the PB snickers, that sounds dangerous... nut butter is VERY dangerous in my world.

    I hope you get the anxiety thing under control it can be the suck! *hugs*