Tuesday, October 5, 2010


So I thought I had a really bad day as far as food goes. I binged a bit at my lunch and went to Subway again, this time ordering a foot long turkey and ham sub which is a whopping 600 calories. AND then I didn't have a diet soda with my meal AND I ate a bag of Cheetos. Now that is bad. I added up my calories for the day and I'm still at a fairly low number of calories. I estimate that I ate 1300 calories today. I didn't think that was all that bad.

I had some delicious crockpot chili for dinner. I love how much the protein in beans fills up my belly. The serving that I did have is making me feel so full right now.

As for the calories, I'm not really sure how much I'm supposed to be eating every day. I suppose I am going to have to figure that out from doing some research.

Watching the Biggest Loser right now.


  1. My friend cut back on as much high frutose corn syrup as possible, she is way skinner than I am now. I don't know if I could ever follow that diet personally, but just a possible idea for you.

  2. A couple things I've read said that you should take your goal weight and add a zero to the end and that's how many calories you need in a day. And if you are exercising you should add in the calories you burn to get back to your daily calorie number. (if goal weight is 150 you should eat 1500 cal + 250 cal if you worked out.) Here is a link to my new favorite cook book http://www.amazon.com/Well-Lose-Weight-comb-Great-Tasting/dp/0470540311