Sunday, October 10, 2010

No Title Needed

I don't think I stuck to the diet plan this weekend.

Friday..what do say about Friday? Subway (6 in) for lunch and Chipotle for dinner. I felt find after I ate lunch. I was ok with doing a 6 inch sandwich. I don't really know what came over me for dinner though. It was the craving and giving into the craving that caused me to binge that night. I ate a whole chicken burrito and I regretted it right away. I used to be able to it one of those a week. I haven't had one for about two months and I don't know if I'll be able to do another whole burrito again. I was sick to my stomach right away. I think next time it might be a good choice to get a burrito bowl instead and only eat half of that. After dinner and a trip home to change, Pat and I went to a friends wedding in Verona. I stuck to one drink and one cupcake. The cupcake was an amazing vanilla cupcake filled with raspberry filling. My sister was at my house by the time we got home from the wedding.

On Saturday morning, Pat, Alyssa and I got up early to head down to campus to see the Badger/Gopher football game. I didn't made a good decision about breakfast at Panera. I had some crappy beer before the game and a pretzel with nacho cheese for lunch. Dinner was a couple pieces of frozen pizza. Pat and I had some friends over for a bonfire. I did manage to stay away from the beer and had water instead. I didn't get any specific exercise yesterday besides all the walking to and from the football field.

This morning was started at the Pancake Cafe for breakfast with my sister. I did opt for the egg beaters in my omelet instead of real eggs. I actually don't mind having egg beaters, I've gotten used to the taste. Also, I had an english muffin instead of pancakes. I also didn't finish my full meal. After breakfast, the three of us drove up to Devils Lake to get some great pictures of the lake and the trees since they are changing some amazing colors.

I'm really nervous about my weigh in tomorrow morning. I have a great feeling that I actually gained something instead of losing it. It was a hard week. I didn't get as much movement into my days. I didn't walk during my lunch period like I had been the week before. It's a new week I suppose.

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