Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Eating Out

Pat has been a little stressed lately so when he got home, he didn't really want to spend time making dinner. So we went out, something quick and easy of course. Noodles it was. I have always thought that Noodles has some good food on their menu, good meaning healthy. I always order either their Pad Thai or Pasta Fresca. Tonight it was Pasta Fresca, no tomatoes and grilled chicken breast. I never remember that Noodles has a small sized bowl for all of their dishes. So I ordered a regular. I ate until I was full, leaving about 1/3 of my total meal there on my plate which is now in the fridge.

When I got home, I brought up their website on my computer and I pulled up their nutrition facts. I shocked at how many calories are in a regular bowl of Pasta Fresca, and then I added grilled chicken on top of that. Tonight's meal, had I eaten every last bite would have been over 900 calories. I have decided I either need to stop eating out or I need to do what Jen over at A Prior Fat Girl does. If she is going out for dinner, she pulls up the menu ahead of time and decides what she is going to eat before she even gets there. I thought this was an amazing idea! Now I just need to make sure I do it. Had I looked at their menu and nutrition facts ahead of time, I probably would have gotten a small size of some meal. Or their Tomato Bisque soup (which I hear is really yummy).

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  1. Congrats on not finishing the entire portion. I have a hard time with that since the food is sooo good. Personally, i like the japanese pan noodles which is one of the "healtheir" menu items.
    And, checking calories before you go is huge! I do that too on the days i want to go out to lunch with the coworkers. Websites for Panera, Jimmy Johns and Chipotle (possibly more) break down each menu item based on ingredients. So, you can customize what you want to order based on how many calories you want before you get there.
    Good work keeping up with the diet! I'm so proud of you! I know its hard work, and results never come as quickly as we want, but it'll happen. I read a really great quote on a PCOS blog last night. It was "Losing weight is hard. Being fat is hard. Choose your hard."

    Talk to you soon :)