Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Couch

I worked yesterday. It was the first Saturday I had worked in a couple of months. And it was cold yesterday. It was the first night that we had to bring the plants in from outside to avoid killing them. After work, I came home to eat some lunch and then promptly sat my ass down on the couch.

The Couch. The couch that Pat has written off because the cat has left too man claw marks in the suede. The couch that has a soft spot in it from too many hours of my ass sitting on it. Yes, I said it, a soft spot. A spot where the couch is permanently sunk in. It's like Homer Simpson's couch and yes, it's lame. I sat on that very couch yesterday for hours. It was cold in our house and cold out side and I had a headache (I think I was dehydrated). So the headache forced me to sit on the couch and nap and watch movies from the 1990's that were campy. Dinner wasn't much better. We wanted something warm, so Chinese it was.

Today it's still cold outside but atleast we have the sunshine. We will probably get some raking done and yard work including planting some bulbs that we purchased yesterday. I will probably do another post tonight.

Today its still cold out

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