Monday, November 15, 2010

I Hate Working Out Inside

Oh I suppose it was a weigh in day. I am down to 220.2 lbs. I want to live in denial and not post my weight for last week, which was a gain. But I will be happy this week that I am down in poundage overall this week.  So is that 8 lbs lost in 8 weeks? I need to get moving on that number. Blah.

So as many of you know, I have been running (more like walk/jogging) the past few weeks outside.  Somehow I managed to injure my back. It's very random to me. So I decided that tonight, I would work out on the elliptical machine that we own.  It has been living in the basement since we moved into our house. Pat was able to use it down there but I could not. Our basement has a drop ceiling and every time I would get on the thing, my head would pop up into the ceiling.  So, we finally moved the machine into our office, where a higher ceiling exists.

Using the elliptical made sense in my head. It is a low impact work out which is good for my back and it didn't require me bundling up to workout outside. I also have the luxury of turning on the tv and watching some tube while I'm exercising. There I am, working that machine and five minutes into it, my legs already hurt! Sure, I understand that there is some resistance that is has that my body doesn't give me when I'm on the road. It was a struggle for me to go 30 minutes and I only went 1.2 miles!!!!! I feel weak. Blah! I know it's better than sitting on the couch all night but after thirty minutes, I wanted to put on all those thermal shirts and sprint down the street in the complete darkness of my neighborhood, just to release some frustration with the elliptical.

I think I know why I had exercising inside. It's boring! Yes, sometimes I do hate it that I tend to go out-and-back when I'm outside but if I go so far out, I HAVE to come back, one way or another. And yes, I am one of those crazy people that grew up in Minnesota and I love the snow and the cold weather is invigorating.  Although I'm not as crazy as my buddy Christian who runs 6 miles barefoot in the snow and enjoys it. I would rather have snow over sand. For now on, I will continue to workout outside and I will use the elliptical when its raining or windy or just too damn cold (which it sometimes happens here).

Turkey Day 5k is just 10 days away. If you are spending the holiday in the Twin Cities I would recommend doing this event. You can register online or on the day of.  I did it with my family last year and I think it will become a new tradition. So start a new tradition with your family this year. Although it was really hard to get out of bed that morning last year, I didn't feel quite so guilty having two Thanksgiving meals later in the day.  And everyone is sooo impressed that you got up early that morning and did that 5k. It feels good physically and emotionally. Oh and you're bound to run into one or two people you know.

For tomorrow's post: 10 year high school reunion special

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  1. omg i admire you for working out and doing this turkey day 10K hahah I can't make it ten feet running with out panting!

    kisses to you cuzzz