Tuesday, November 2, 2010

1000 Views and Some Struggles

Last night this blog hit it's 1000th view. It's pretty impressive for having only had the blog for little over a month.  I'm grateful for everyone that has checked out my slow progress. It's some motivation to keep going.

This has been a hard week so far, well today was hard. I had a weak moment in the candy isle at Walgreens. I shouldn't have even gone to there.  I knew it when I did it. I just did. I'm disappointed in myself but I have to move on from there and start again tomorrow.  The french fries for dinner also didn't help the cause.

Pat and I have sooooooooo many reasons to not go out to eat. I mean, there is the fact that we can make food at home that is healthier because we have control over the ingredients. But there is also the fact that we can save money by eating at home.  When we first moved down here we would eat out all the time. We probably ate out more than we ate in. When we decided a year ago to buy a house, we figured out that we need to save some money and the thing that stuck out in our heads was to limit the amount we go out for dinner and/or lunch.  We are down to about one night a week out for dinner, which I think is pretty good. So why do I feel guilty about one night a week? Probably because we spent so much money on groceries and we have food in our fridge that is perfectly good. Ugh!

Anyone have healthy ideas for the head of broccoli I have in the fridge that isn't stir fry???


  1. You shouldn't be so hard on yourself. It took you years to gain the weight, it's not all going to come off in a month.
    I am trying to make small, maintainable changes in my lifestyle. If I cut out the junk altogether then that is all I will want and feel guilty for eating it. So have a cookie, don't have 10; have a handful of M&Ms, don't eat the whole 1lb bag.
    You're doing fine :)

  2. I agree! I had some setbacks this week too - we went to Freak Fest and so I had one too many beers and burgers and french fries. And this pack of Oreos sitting in my pantry was taunting me and I inhaled a few (read 6) one day after work. Earlier I used to beat myself up over these mistakes and used to think I might as well eat more since the day is gone.

    Well how about putting the broccoli on pizza or pasta?