Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Good Holiday and A Good Weight Loss

Happy New Year!

My mom called me today and told me, once again, that she and my sister were wondering where my blog entries have gone. I did promise on Monday that I would wonder about my losing weight over the Christmas weekend and having no idea how I did it. I’ll also fill you in on some of the great, and healthy, gifts I got from my family.

So I lost 2 lbs over Christmas, and I wasn’t trying. I did stay away from the sweets and Christmas cookies until just a couple days before hand. There were no holiday parties to attend this year so there was no unneeded drinking or high calorie foods to tempt me. Working out has been utterly nonexistent since I got sick in the beginning of December. Now that I’m feeling better, finally, that has changed and I’ve gotten back on the wagon. My mom claims the reason for my weight loss last week is because I received the Just Dance Wii game from my sister.

Christmas was good to me this year. It was wonderful to have my Dad, Mom and sister make the trip to Madison in the snow this year. I am blessed to have them and blessed to have their support. It was also nice not to have the large crowd of family, although I did miss parts of it. Christmas Eve was quiet and we opted for mass the next day. Dad made some awesome chili, which now fills my fridge and freezer. The five of us gathered around our tree to open gifts. It was odd to me that Pat and I were opening lots of gifts and my parents and sister were just opening the few gifts we got for them. It was early to bed to make sure we were up at 5am so that showers could be taken before 7am mass. A couple of us took an after mass nap before venturing to the movie theatre to see True Grit. The movie was packed and a pretty good flick. For dinner, I made my first ham, squash and salad. After dinner, there was another round or two of showing my parents the Wii that we got last year from Pat’s parents. It’s always bitter sweet when guests leave. It’s nice to have them around and our house really felt like a home when they were here.

There are a couple of gifts I’ve been using in the past week since Christmas. My sister picked up the Just Dance and The Biggest Loser Wii games for me. Neither require the balance board, which is good, ‘cause we don’t have one and we don’t plan on buying one in the near future. Boy, I tried out that Biggest Loser game a couple of days ago and my thighs still hurt when I stand up. I have a lot of work to do! Pat bought me a stationary trainer for my bike. I was surprised that he got it for me. It was something I had been wanting and it was something that I probably needed to get my butt toughened up for biking in the spring and summer. I’ve used it three times and I am impressed. I do need to get a new computer for tracking my distances and speed. My goal is to go 20 miles each time on in it. It’s a nice little trainer but I just have to make sure I get a bunch of use out of it.

I feel like I’m starting to ramble on a bit about odds and ends. Since I have no internet at home, which I will get more into in my next entry tomorrow, I plan on getting back on the wagon of updating this more often. I’ve been actually making lists of ideas for entries so that I remember them. So there will be upcoming blogs about registering for Iron Girl, I’ll give a recap of my high school reunion AND (if I’m brave enough) I will post a video of my goals for 2011.

Oh and I’m starting a race count down :)
Days ‘till race day: 267

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  1. Nice! We'll have to get The Biggest Loser Wii game here! I'm hoping to do the Iron Girl with you, though I hate biking...

    Keep up the good work!