Monday, January 10, 2011


My butt in biking shorts. If there were pictures taken oh my butt in spandex, I would spare you the horror! I personally have not seen any pictures of my butt in my bike shorts. I know the padding in the back makes my butt look even so much bigger and better. *LOL* I really hope there will never be any pictures of my butt in bike shorts.,

Bike shorts save a lot of pain in the end. They save the pain your butt bones (pelvic?) cause your butt from sitting on a thin bike seat for a long time, sometimes hours. They also create a nice smooth area where the inside of your thighs brush against the seat.  They are well worth the embarrassment of the skin hugging material.

Trust me, there is always someone that looks worse in spandex than you do. My husband says he would never wear bike shorts. A pair is really worth the investment. All the cool bikers wear bike shorts AND a helmet! Helmet is key, although it is nice not to have to wear one on the bike while I'm using the trainer in the basement. I save my butt and my head!

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  1. You can always wear another pair of shorts over them. That's what my husband does (usually of the basketball variety)...because he thinks it would be waaaaay too embarrassing for him to just wear bike shorts alone - even though he's got one fine rear end, IMHO. That way, he gets the padding without the *ahem* show. Or you can buy baggies (meant for mountain biking) - they have the padding and the spandex inside, but then regular looking shorts on the outside. That's what I wear mountain and road biking - I like them. :) Good luck!