Sunday, January 9, 2011

I Have Followers!

 I was going to post this on Wednesday night but Blogger was having issues with their website.

I was really excited to discover that James over at Prior Fat Guy is now fallowing my blog. I am really excited by that because he is also in the middle of his journey to being healthy. His blog was picked to by the readers of Prior Fat Girl to be an addition Prior Fat Person..? So hop over there an read his blog. He living in the Twin Cities (go MN!) and is a great blogger!

Pat and I are heading to the Madison Home Expo later this morning. Then I'm hoping to get to the gym (my basement) to do a couple of work outs. I havent worked out since that crazy working out on Tuesday. It would be nice to be able to get outside to do some walking/running but it's been soooo cold again this week. Maybe I can talk Pat into going over to Fontana to pick up some winter workout gear. I also still need to pick up to wireless computer for my bike. I'm kinda sick of guessing how far and how fast I've gone in the hour I was on the bike.

Off to the shower to get ready for the Home Expo.  So many questions to ask.

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  1. Amy, Good for you for wanting to become healthier. I have decided to do the same thing once I got a new job (University of MN). We have weight watchers @ work and it's free! Been doing it since September and have lost 25 pounds since! For me at least, it was more about the intake of energy. After about pound 20 I started working out on a more regular bases and I think the exercise piece will be key to keeping the weight off. About 5 more pounds and I have lost all of WSU! Anyway, good luck on your journey and I recommend getting a iPad of course :-) for your wireless computer with Netflix loaded up on it. Makes the time fly on the tread mill.