Sunday, January 2, 2011

Connection Withdrawal

Woohoo! Two entries in a row. I’m working on this one pretty early because Pat and I are at Epic to get our Internet fix. We’ve been without our internet since yesterday morning. It’s frustrating because we’ve had the phone guys out here before to look at the wiring into the house and they said everything was good on their end. Pat did some rewiring of the jack in the office, thinking it might be the old wiring in this house. Well, that didn’t fix it. And it’s not just that we don’t have a connection for the internet, our house phone has no dial tone and no one can call into our house without it just going to voicemail. So if for some reason, you need to get a hold of Pat or myself over the next week or so, please call our cell phones.

Since we have no internet, I’ve been writing my blog entries in Word and updating them when I find time to find some internet connection. Today, it is at Epic. The next couple of days, I might be making trips to the Verona Library over my lunch break to take advantage of their wireless.  Pat leaves for Chicago on Tuesday afternoon, the same day the phone people should be out to check the connections again. If they don’t fix it that day, I suppose I will have to call someone to come check the lines inside the house. So who really knows when it’s going to be fixed?

But there was life before the internet… I think. I am going to try to use this time of no internet connection to do other things. I’ve realized how much time I actually spend searching the internet. It’s crazy amounts of time and that’s not a good thing. It really takes a lot of time away from myself.  There are healthier activities  I would like to focus on instead of sitting on the computer. Today, those activities include getting to Costco to use our gifted membership, packing up our Christmas decorations so we can put the tree out on the curb (or in the burn pile), and do day two of the Biggest Loser program.

Other things I would like to do over the next week included finish some books that I started, pick up Pride and Prejudice at the library and read that (I bought a book at Barnes & Nobel a couple of months ago that is based off P&P but I haven’t read the classic so I’m considerably lost), get used to my bike again, do the Biggest Loser program every other day, meditate,  take a bubble bath, do something with a friend, and maybe work on my crocheting again. There might be some TV watching in there as well but I will probably do that while I am working out. My iTunes music library will probably get a work out because I like to listen to music while I am blogging.

So here’s to limited internet making me a better person.

Days ‘till race day: 266


  1. I think you should save the tree so we can burn it on 4th of July again :)

  2. I came across this blog post since it was linked to runners world magazine. This gal has a healthy perspective and couldn't be more right.

  3. To add on to my previous comment, the part of the post i liked was the second half. Especially her final statements

  4. The tree will be saved in the woods for the second annual 4th of July burning.